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Counter Type Posters // ACLU Fundraiser

Thrilled to share we've teamed up again with The Aesthetic Union to print our Counter Type protest posters designed with Dirty Bandits, this time as a fundraiser for the ACLU. Grateful for all the love and support as we band together to RESIST. RESIST. RESIST.

Posters are available directly from The Aesthetic Union website, find them here


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Fight The Power Mural on Inauguration Day

Painted by our Counter Type collaborator Dirty Bandits on Inauguration day 2017. Special thanks to Low Brow Artique in Bushwick for the use of their wall. 

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Cotton Bureau Resist T-Shirts

We recently design a tee shirt with Dirty Bandits for Counter Type that was available Cotton Bureau.

Proceeds from the sale of the shirt will keep us in the supplies we need to continue creating messages of resistance including ink, paper, plates, screens, brushes, rollers, and paint. Now and for the foreseeable days to come we must #RESIST. Shoutouts to our partner in the resistance Dirty Bandits.

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Check Out This Iconic MLK Edition of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, The Creators Project premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

This one is a digital bust you can explore of Martin Luther King Jr created by Mark Digital. At the center of this week’s King’s Dream piece is a black digital bust of MLK surrounded with red roses and topped off with a large golden crown reminiscent of the Notorious B.I.G. Toggling your arrow keys moves the center piece in different directions allowing the viewer to examine the bust from all angles.

Click here to see more 

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A Photographic Tour of London’s Art-Filled Streets

Love this Hyper Allergic round up of the London Street art scene. London here we come.

"Last July, I spent two weeks in London documenting its street art and graffiti scene, my first return visit since 2009. I’d been warned by a number of people that I wouldn’t recognize the city. Yet the plethora of construction cranes and hoardings on the one hand, and shiny, new, glass towers on the other, were views I found very familiar. Much like New York, my home of the past 19 years, London is being aggressively redeveloped. The plummeting availability of affordable housing and systemic loss of studio space were frequent topics of conversation, anxieties only compounded by the uncertainty left in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Yet the streets seemed vibrant as ever, offering up a heady mix of small-scale, unsanctioned works in a variety of mediums, eye-catching graffiti, as well as a noticeably expanded offering of vibrant murals. As in many metropolises worldwide, the art on London streets reflects a melting pot of local and international talents. I was pleased to encounter works by British artists such as Remi Rough, Shok1, Mobstr, and Sweet Toof, to name but a few, alongside visiting New York stalwarts Dan Witz and Jordan Seiler. Discovering the geometrical graffiti of Goodchild and delicate, brass sculptural installations by Jonesy were highlights of the visit. And no visit to London would be complete without tracking down an elusive Banksy."

Click here for the full article. 

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