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Paper Jam Press on Fab.com

design fab.com posters

Fab.com's mission is to help people better their lives with design. We absolutely love that, so we're excited and honored to be a featured sale on their site this week. And look at that, top billing!

Go ahead and nab one of our classics at a discounted rate. Visit Fab.com to check our sales and add more design to your life!





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A Virtual Letterpress Studio: Our Article on Mohawk

We're thrilled to have shared more of a background on our story in an article for Mohawk Paper's blog, Felt & Wire

"I started printing letterpress posters about four years ago. Feeling depleted from being a a graphic designer who spent most of her time focused on client work in the interactive space, I was looking for a way to get back to the roots of my craft, to touch paper again and move my focus away from the screen."

Check out the full article here.

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Paper Jam Press History on Mohawk's Felt & Wire

"I live and work in Brooklyn. We ride bikes. We shop local. Lately we’ve gotten a lot of attention for our artisanal food and microbatches of chocolate. It’s not only locals who buy these, but we feel a special connection to them. Brooklyn is our “creative terroir.” We support each other’s work because we have awoken to the idea of what’s real. Which leads me to why I love to letterpress print."

Learn more about what got us started on Felt & Wire

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