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8 Up

We spotted all 8 of our posters on one stunning wall.

Interior designer Alison Damonte is fantastic and this house is so gorgeous. I met her after the mag came out. We grabbed a cup of coffee, and I learned that she's off to a 3 week Scandinavia trip. Lucky! Thanks to her husband Bruce Damonte for taking such a great pic.


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Stepping Out at New York Fashion Week

awesome business cards in the wild love it luxe project moo moo cards

New York Fashion Week took over New York City last week, and the most stunning people and clothes roamed the streets. Invitations are hard to come by, but thanks to Editor-in-Chief of Daily Candy, Ashley Parrish, we were front row and center. Check us out!

Ashley also listed us as her pick in Daily Candy's "Overshared."

Street cred with the beautiful? We'll take it.

For more photos of NYFW and more from Ashley, visit her Instagram.

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Every Pixel Project

Today was a good day.

We made a cameo on our good friend Tattly's Every Pixel Project. Bomb.

For more photos from the Every Pixel Project, click here.

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Keeping It Real

A while back, I was asked to write a guest blog post for Felt and Wire which is now Mohawk Connects. I thought a lot about what I wanted to say and arrived at the importance of having things that are real. Been thinking about that a lot again lately.

"We need things that are real. The real affects our work by affecting us as individuals, by keeping us rooted and reminding us that we can project our human power onto things that exist. We can manipulate small parts of the world with our ideas and our hands. As human beings, we can connect to one another through our physicality. UI design does much to satisfy my intellect, but letterpress printing satisfies my soul."

As I read this, I am reminded of how thankful I am for all that letterpress and this community has given me all these years. You guys are my soul food.

Keep Ya Head Up.

Read the full article here.

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Today Was a Good Day - Poster as Inspiration

love it

About two years ago today we were featured on the blog of Hillman Curtis. Hillman was a talented designer and filmmaker a dear friend and mentor. I worked for him for many years and met the love of my life while I was there. Hillman passed away about a year ago after a long and fiercely fought battle with colon cancer. I treasure the post.

Hillman. I can’t see Today Was a Good Day and not think of you. Bring!

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