Wynwood Street Art and Mural Scene Accompanies Miami Art Basel

A visit to Art Basel has been on our radar for a long time. And now that there's a simultaneous street art festival we're absolutely dying to go. 2017 here we come. 
The description says it all.  "An embarrassment of riches in so many ways, the Wynwood Street Art and mural scene is outrageously sexy, flashy, ugly, posey, pretty, proliferate and quizzically content-free. The annual outdoor urban art visual carnival that accompanies Art Basel in Miami is full of hi/low expectation and spectacle, and it confidently delivers on both."

Full round up of the event is  here

Martin Whatson. The Raw Project. Enida M Hartner Elementary School.

Jen Stark. Goldman Global Arts. Hard Rock Stadium. 

Felipe Pantone. Goldman Global Arts. Wynwood Walls. 



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