Limited Edition Print with 20x200

Proud to share a very special limited edition letterpress print we did for 20x200 on sale now in their shop. 

The blog post they wrote is just incredible. Check out an expert here...

Sometimes, an edition comes along that really speaks for itself. Our latest release from new 20x200 artist Arianna Orland of Paper Jam Press is print-in-point. USE YOUR WORDS. We could end this intro right there. There isn’t an imperative around that feels more...well...imperative at the moment. It’s concise, compelling, and resolute. And it’s also profoundly timely.

This week last year we watched in horror as our country elected a megalomaniacal monster to its highest office. But this week last year also marks the earliest movement of the resistance to his reign of shame. It’s a sad anniversary, on the one hand, but on the other: people mobilized and spoke out, and Tuesday's elections are evidence that something is working, that we can change things if we keep it up. It’s the most hopeful we’ve felt in a while. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, of course. Enter this Paper Jam Press letterpress print—the perfect reminder to speak truth to power. Also the perfect reminder for a kid with a penchant for temper tantrums (or, heck, your grown-ass brother). Blessedly, you can have it both ways…Read the whole thing here

The print is a limited edition and only available from 20x200 so get one before they're gone. As 20x200 says "Live with art, it's good for you." Thanks to Jen Bekman and team for working with us on this.

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