Brooklyn Summer Poster Drop

On our last trip to the East Coast we dropped posters in the 'Burg where there are some of the best walls in town. The rules are simple, we choose a location, put up the poster and tag the location. First person to find the print gets to claim it. Check out the snaps from last week about this time. And check out who found them at the end of the post.
South 1st and Wythe on the Ban and Sons truck
47 South 1st
314 Wythe
320 Wythe
85 Metropolitan
83 Metropolitan
North 1st and Kent
Kent and N 3rd
North 5th and Bedford
Bedford and South 2nd
Go get this poster
Bedford and South 4th
Go get this poster
355 Bedford
Shoutout to Daniel and his friend Maria for their awesome poster hunting skills!

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