Anthony Burrill Rip Offs

Anthony Burrill speaks about his numerous Etsy WORK HARD rip-offs and asks some hard questions. We can relate.

"The weird thing is I’ve never joined Etsy, I’ve never sold any of my prints there. Yet there’s lots of my work to be seen there. In fact there are currently almost 100 versions of my print WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE on the site, unfortunately none of them are by me."

"Should I be OK with it and accept it as part of how a piece of work gains popularity and eventually gets replicated over and over? Or should I email every one of the people who’ve made their own version, pointing out the error of their ways?"

Here's some rip offs of our work on Etsy being sold by Printed Sugar.  SO yeah,
we can relate. 

Read the rest of Anthony Burrill's interview here.

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