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How great are these pics??? We were lucky enough to sponsor Studio DIY's "Can't Crop This" Instagram Workshop and got blown away by these fantastic pictures! Thank you to Kelly and the amazing Studio DIY team. Only wish we were in LA to take the class. Maybe next time.

Other sponsors included:

Write That Shit Down Notepads from Julie Ann Art | Mini Serape from Marley & Alfie | Glitter Letter Banner from The Bannerie | #winning Card from Nocturnal Paper | Candy from Sugarfina | Cord Tacos from This Is Ground | Ring Dishes from Quiet Clementine | Instagram Book from Chatbooks | Bunch Magazine | Art Print from Emily Rickard


Written by Arianna Orland — April 07, 2015

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Paper Jam Press was founded in 2009 as an homage to truth, love, typography and music. We print small batches of letterpress posters and apparel because it makes us happy. We hope it makes you happy too.