25 and Counting

I'm very excited to announce I'm printing in the studio again. In preparing for the studio session there's always that upfront planing phase. How much paper to do I need? How many phrases am I printing? Are they phrases I've chosen good enough? I love this part, I love to reflect on all the details, the changes and even the efficiencies in planning. Most of all I love those aha moments that come from considering a set of circumstances repeatedly over time. For the latest edition I had one of those moments and remembered why I started the project in the first place.

I had the idea for Paper Jam while attending the Shepard Fairey show at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston in 2009.  In one of the rooms of this comprehensive survey there was an enormous wall stacked floor to ceiling with what must have been close to a hundred framed posters. I thought to myself...I want to do that. I want to make a wall full of posters. And the number I came up with for Paper Jam was 40. 

Here are our stats to date...prior to our latest edition we had 25. With the edition we have on press right now we're at 38. I think we're going to have to add a couple since we're...so...close!

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